Find New and Interesting Ways to Store Food and Drink in Your Car

October 28th, 2016 by

When it comes to all the vehicles available here in our lineup, you're going to find rides that are able to provide you with plenty of versatility. But, for those of us who travel with multiple passengers often, we know that having space for food and drinks is important, is so is having ones that help keep the messes to a minimum. Well, following these two tips will go a long way in solving that!

  • For drinks, if you are on a coffee run for the office, or simply have more drinks than cup holders in your vehicle, using a muffin pan helps you place in up to 12 drinks. Storing it in a laundry basket can also help reduce any potential spills or stains, too
  • With snacks, instead of plastic bags that can get all over the place, we recommend getting a small box organizer, like a plastic bait and tackle box, for example, and place different snacks in different areas so it's all in one place, and can be closed up easily for no spills

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