Know How to Safely Navigate a Rainstorm While Driving

September 26th, 2016 by

We all have to be prepared for driving in any type of weather safely. Even if that weather might not impact our area here in Beaumont, TX all that much, you don't know when you might see it, because not even the best meteorologist can tell us the weather with 100 percent accuracy. When it comes to rainstorms, you can take many measures to stay safe, and that is why we've put together a set of guidelines to follow in case you do.

  • If you can, try and avoid driving in heavy rain, and be sure to check local forecasts and any warnings from the National Weather Service
  • When you drive slower and keep your distance, you'll have more control over your vehicle
  • Make sure your headlights are on, but not your high beams, which can distract you, or other drivers
  • Use your defrosters to keep out fog, and set the air conditioning to the fresh air setting on your vehicle
  • Remember that the start of the storm is when it can be most dangerous and slippery, as the water mixes with oils on the road
  • Make sure you don't hydroplane, which is when your vehicle loses contact with the road, and feels like it is floating. If this happens, keep calm, take your foot off the gas, and steer in a safe direction
  • You can avoid hydroplaning by slowing down, turning off cruise control, and avoiding sudden turning or braking
  • You're more likely to hydroplane on non-grooved asphalt roads, especially where there are tire ruts worn in, so be mindful of what type of road you are driving on, too
  • Any puddle could be a pothole, so approach them all with caution
  • Always avoid flooding roads, or roads with moving water, because that can cause many issues. It can damage your vehicle's electrical system, or engine, and remember, one foot of water can float some vehicles, and two feet of water can sweep vehicles away – including trucks and SUVs
  • If it ever gets too bad, find higher, safe ground, and wait out the storm

Feel free to contact us to learn more, and to see all the safety in our vehicles here at Mike Smith Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, stop in to our showroom where we'd be happy to answer questions, and set up test drives.

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